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18 Year Old Bordeaux!

Old enough to vote & we vote it the best value in the shop!
Nope, neither the vintage nor the price above is wrong.

How cool is this? An 18 year old, mature, wine for 14 Bucks? Pretty cool I think.

On top of that the wine is solidly good. In fact it’s good enough that I asked 6 people to try it and then tell me if they liked it and then how much they would pay for it.

All of the tasters unanimously liked the wine and not a single one of them said they would pay less than $35 a bottle – with 2 people saying they would pay me 100 smackers a bottle for the wine. Don’t worry you don’t have to lay out the hundred bucks, all I’m asking for is 14!

Again, 14 bucks for an 18 year old wine that tastes really freaking good?

That’s cool.

It’s not every day or in every store you have the chance at this kind of wine for this kind of money so act pretty quick if you want some. We’ll be getting in the last of the wine (5 more cases) tomorrow and the wine is 1st come, 1st served with preference to orders bought and paid for over the web.

Chateau Canevault
Fronsac (Bordeaux)
Regular Price: $??????*
Today: $13.99

* – I don’t know how much this wine would have been on release. I can say we have not added a premium to this wine since it is aged.

** – Aging Wine: Aging wine is a complete crapshoot. So many times have I held onto a bottle just to have it have faded away into nothingness before I got a chance to drink it. I think the best thing about this wine is that no one could have predicted that this wine would taste as good as it does right now 18 years ago. Sure we know that great Bordeaux, which this wine isn’t – it is good wine but this doesn’t hold a candle to any of the best Bordeaux wines out there, can age for decades but this wine was meant to be drunk up many years ago. To have it still holding on and holding it’s head in dignity is an amazing thing. This wine proves that aging wine is a crapshoot. It wasn’t ever meant to be aged this long and to have it be good, well, now there is some magic there. This is why I love wine. I hope you dig it too.



South Africa Free Flash Tasting
A Fast, Cheap, and Out-of-Control Tasting!

We’ve been piling in the South African wines lately and we thought we’d better get you guys to taste them. So:

When: Friday, 7pm to 8pm
Where: Sunfish Cellars Wine Bar
What: 6 Great South African Wines
Cost: Nuttin’

Click Here to Sign Up


The France Mega Class

The most dynamic country in the world when it comes to wine and, by and large, the World’s leader in making wines – it’s also one of the hardest countries to get a firm grasp of it’s wines since there are so many varied regions and histories.

This Mega Class aims to help you understand France, it’s wines, it’s histories, and it’s peoples better through 12 classes over the next 6 months. We will break the country into 10 regions and tackle them one-at-a-time giving us plenty of time to discuss and taste through 8-10 wines per session - this is roughly the same amount of classroom time that I got when I got my Sommelier Certificate and I think this series is gonna be way more fun!

Each Class is $50.00 per attendee.
The cost for the Entire Series is $500.00 per person.
Contact Sunfish Cellars Here for information on Purchasing the Whole Series.
The class sized is capped at 12 for each session.

This is a breakdown of the classes and dates for each class:
The Classes will run on Thursday evenings from 6pm until 8pm.

May 22nd - France Overview
June 5th - Bordeaux, part One
June 26th - Bordeaux, part Two
July 10th - Burgundy, part One
July 31st - Burgundy, part Two
August 14th - Alsace and Loire
August 28th - The Northern Rhone
September 11th - Southern Rhone and Provence
September 25th - Jura, Savoie, and the Mountains
October 10th - Southwest and Languedoc
October 23rd - Champagne
October 30th - France Re-Cap




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