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Paro Zinfandel

2012 | Carneros, Sonoma Valley

Lots and lots and lots of you know all about the great wine that Paro makes and now we’re adding a new wine to the line-up: the 2012 Carneros-Sonoma Zinfandel.
There aren’t a ton of times that I buy a wine completely untasted or seen but  on this one I dove right in. I had a feeling, based on the other wine that Paro makes, that this wine would be good. Now, after tasting the wine, I realize that I made a mistake: I didn’t buy enough.

The Paro Zinfandel is really good! It’s a lighter style of Zinfandel but still has plenty of raspberry fruitiness with light tannin and acid. The overall style of the wine goes back to a time when Zinfandel wasn’t the super jammy and sweet wine it is mostly today. Don’t get me wrong, that overly sweet style of Zin is extremely popular but the style of the Paro is way more conducive to wanting a second, or third!, glass. For that alone, I think this wine is going to be very popular.

I made mention above of not having bought enough of the wine… there were only 47 cases of the wine made and I was able to secure 10 of them. Just a mere 20% of the entire production and we can’t get more until next year, that is if they make it again. Considering that last year we sold almost 50 cases of the Paro Pinot Noir, while not apples to apples, this wine is going to be in short supply really quick.

Don’t wait on this one. If Zinfandel is, at all, in your wheelhouse then I would recommend snatching up 6 bottles or a case. This is great wine, at a nice price, and has the cache of being limited in production.
Carneros-Sonoma | California
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