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Grilling – Wine – Love!

Finally! Finally the winter has broken and the grills have been rolled out – and this is just the wine for grilling madness!

Huge spicy notes with lots of plush raspberry flavors all wrapped up in a 11 buck bottle of wine is what we’ve got here. The Pinodoncel (this wine takes it’s name from the pine tree common in Jumilla) has soft tannins, plush fruit, not a trace of sweetness, and a beautiful spicy finish that hangs on for long minutes. I love it.

This blend (Monestrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot) is exactly the kind of wine that makes Spain such a powerhouse for great value wine. If this wine came from France it would be 20 bucks – if it came from the States it would be 40 – but from Spain: 11 bucks! 11 bucks puts this wine right into the guiltless category of wine: yet another reason to love it.

So: couple the easy, yet tasty, drinking red with it’s price and you end up with a wine that matches perfectly to firing the grill up, having a nice glass of wine while the coals heat, and then enjoying this with a simple steak or burger. It’s all just so easy that it is hard not to love the whole package. 

Bodegas Bleda
Pinodoncel – Cincomeses
Jumilla | Spain

Regular Price: $12.99
Today: $10.99

Buy 6 or more and get the wine for $9.99ea!



The France Mega Class


The most dynamic country in the world when it comes to wine and, by and large, the World’s leader in making wines – it’s also one of the hardest countries to get a firm grasp of it’s wines since there are so many varied regions and histories.

This Mega Class aims to help you understand France, it’s wines, it’s histories, and it’s peoples better through 12 classes over the next 6 months. We will break the country into 10 regions and tackle them one-at-a-time giving us plenty of time to discuss and taste through 8-10 wines per session - this is roughly the same amount of classroom time that I got when I got my Sommelier Certificate and I think this series is gonna be way more fun!

Each Class is $50.00 per attendee.
The cost for the Entire Series is $500.00 per person.
Contact Sunfish Cellars Here for information on Purchasing the Whole Series.
The class sized is capped at 12 for each session.

This is a breakdown of the classes and dates for each class:
The Classes will run on Thursday evenings from 6pm until 8pm.

May 22nd - France Overview
June 5th - Bordeaux, part One
June 26th - Bordeaux, part Two
July 10th - Burgundy, part One
July 31st - Burgundy, part Two
August 14th - Alsace and Loire
August 28th - The Northern Rhone
September 11th - Southern Rhone and Provence
September 25th - Jura, Savoie, and the Mountains
October 10th - Southwest and Languedoc
October 23rd - Champagne
October 30th - France Re-Cap




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