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The Fableist #373 Cab Sauv
Description Name: The Fableist Cabernet Sauvignon #373Country: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: The Fableist Size: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon From the Winery:"The 2015 Cabernet...
$19.99 $16.99
Yorkville Cellars Sauvignon Blanc
Description Name: Yorkville Cellars Randle Hill Vineyard Sauvignon BlancCountry: United StatesRegion: California Producer: Yorkville CellarsSize: 750mlVintage: 2016Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc From the Winery:"This...
$18.99 $14.99
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon
Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection Cabernet SauvignonCountry: United StatesRegion: California Producer: Shannon RidgeSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon From the Winery:"This...
$10.99 $9.99
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Zinfandel
Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection ZinfandelCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Shannon RidgeSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Zinfandel From the Winery:"The Zinfandel delivers extracted...
$10.99 $9.99
The Fableist Zinfandel #206
Description Name: The Fableist Zinfandel #206Country: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: The FableistSize: 750mlVintage: 2016Varietal: Zinfandel From the Winery:"Black cherry and cinnamon on...
$19.99 $16.99
Rombauer Chardonnay 2016
Description Name: Rombauer Vineyards ChardonnayCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Rombauer VineyardsSize: 750mlVintage: 2016Varietal: Chardonnay From the Winery:"Enticing aromas of ripe apple, bright...
$43.99 $37.99
The Fableist #395 Merlot
Description Name: The Fableist Merlot #395Country: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: The FableistSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Merlot From the Winery:"Back from the dead, the...
$20.99 $17.99
The Fableist #774 Pinot Noir
Description Name: The Fableist Pinot Noir #774Country: United StatesRegion: Paso RoblesProducer: The FableistSize: 750mlVintage: 2016Varietal: Pinot Noir From the Winery:"Bold, fresh cranberries...
$19.99 $16.99
Shannon Ridge Petite Sirah
Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection Petite SirahCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Shannon Ridge Size: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Petite Sirah From the Winery:...
$10.99 $9.99
Vigilance Cimarron Red
Description Name: Vigilance 'Cimarron'Country: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Vigilance Winery and VineyardsSize: 750mlVintage: 2014Varietal: Red Blend Wine Enthusiast Review: 89 points"Complex, flavorful...
$14.99 $12.99
Yorkville Cellars Hi-Rollr Red 2015
Description Name: Yorkville Cellars Hi-Rollr Country: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Yorkville CellarsSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Red Blend From the Winery:"As with all our reds, we...
$18.99 $14.99
Slo Down Wines Sexual Chocolate Red
Description Name: Slo Down Wines Sexual Chocolate RedCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaProducer: Slo Down WinesSize: 750mlVintage: 2014Varietal: Red Blend
$23.99 $20.99