Surly Hell 4 Pack 16oz Cans

Surly Hell 4 Pack 16oz Cans


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Name: Surly Hell
Country: United States
Region: Minnesota
Producer: Surly Brewing Company
Size: 4 Pack of 16oz Cans
Type: Lager

From the Brewery:
""Dorit Ansari is from Germany. Omar Ansari is her son. He has a brewery. She wanted a beer that reminded her of home. This is that beer.

Hell is a pale-gold lager not unlike the zwickelbiers popular in Dorit’s hometown of Bremen. It’s not filtered and it’s brewed with lager yeast. You can expect bready malt aromas and flavors, floral hops, and a balanced finish.

BTW: The name is a reference to the German word for “light”, not Satan’s nefarious kingdom, so you don’t have to sell your soul for another."

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