Borgogno Barolo Chinato 500ml

Borgogno Barolo Chinato 500ml


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Name: Giacomo Borgogno & Figli Barolo Chinato
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Sub-Region: Barolo
Producer: Giacomo Borgogno & Figli
Size: 500ml
Vintage: NV
Varietal: Red Blend

From the Winery:
"Borgogno Barolo Chinato is born in the first decade of XX century by the creativity of Cesare Borgogno, who was enthusiastic herbalist and good friend of renowned Vermouth producers, in particular of Comm. Mario Cora and Alfredo Marone Cinzano. The first element needed for the production of Barolo Chinato is an high quality wine, necessarily Barolo. Sugar, alcohol and an aromatic infusion are then added to the wine. The aromatic infusion, which is the connotative ingredient, is obtained by mixing roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits. 37 varieties of officinal herbs and spices are used to create the aromatic infusion and the principal one is of course China in its three varieties: Calisaya, Succirubra and Soccimano.

Barolo Chinato is mildly alcoholic, its color is red with amber and garnet nuances. It shows the typical note of
leather on the nose while in the mouth is smooth, round and long-lasting.

We suggest to serve it in small liquor glasses at 13-14 °C pairing it with chocolate and also with chocolate basis pastry.

Other two Borgogno specialties are Chinato Borgogno and Bianco Borgogno, obtained following the same process of Barolo Chinato but with different wines as base.
The Chinato Borgogno is produced with a blend of 70% Nebbiolo and 30% Barbera, while Bianco Borgogno with 100% Cortese."

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