Bauhaus Many Pack 12pk Cans

Bauhaus Many Pack 12pk Cans


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Name: Bauhaus Many Pack
Country: United States
Region: Minnesota
Producer: Bauhaus Brew Labs
Size: 12 Pack of 12oz Cans
Type: Variety 

3 - Wonderstuff
"Some ideas are simply ahead of their time. The stuff in this can, however, is right on schedule. We channeled a madman’s spirit and wild ingenuity to create this truly unique version of a classic. Wonderstuff delivers the clean, balanced flavors you’d expect from a Bohemian Style Pilsner, but with a powerful, citrus hop twist. Truly the stuff of wonder, this beer will change the way you think about light lagers. Winner of bronze medal at 2016 World Beer Cup for International Lager Category as well as gold medal at 2017 World Beer Awards for USA Czech Pale Lager Category." 
3 - Stargrazer
"If you've never time-traveled, then take it from us – Stargrazer will be your personal slingshot through time and space. Our Schwarzbier is a jet-black mystery, delivering a surprisingly light body and bright hop profile without the heavy roast qualities you find in most dark beers. It’s as black as the night sky, yet amazingly refreshing and smooth. How do we do it? It’s like, science. Don’t overthink it, just enjoy. Overall country winner at 2017 World Beer Awards in the Dark Lager Category."
3 - Lounge Wizard
"Prepare your taste buds to be transported to an astral hideaway where brewing alchemy and hop magic’s combine to form a spellbinding flavor experience. Showcasing juicy hop flavors and aromas reminiscent of pungent tropical fruit and candied citrus with a soft, pillowy texture and a pleasantly dry finish, Lounge Wizard is like a leisure suit for your mouth!"
3 - Bestoked

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