Hedges HIP Cabernet Sauvignon

Hedges HIP Cabernet Sauvignon


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Hedges Family Estate
HIP - The House of Independent Producers
Sagemoor Farms Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon
Washington - Columbia Valley

From the Wine Maker:
"The House of Independent Producers (HIP) Cabernet Sauvignon reminds the drinker why Cabernet Sauvignon is a structure varietal. A lean, angular, racy, penetrating, crystalline structure is excellent for those drinkers looking for a more conservative fruit approach. Too many times this grape is abused with oak perfume and picked late, like an old man, wrinkled, soft, and complacent. Take your Cabernet Sauvignon young, tight, transparent, and leave the Jam bombs for your sugar drinking friends. It's time to taste the varietal, not the brand. HIP is a project directed by Christophe Hedges, bringing to the table some of the more compelling Columbia Valley AVA vineyard sites."

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