Yoerg Beer 6pk Bottles

Yoerg Beer 6pk Bottles


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6 Pack of Bottles

Yoerg Brewing Company
Yoerg's Beer

From the Brewery:
"When Anthony Yoerg came to the United States from Bavaria, the brewing scene was in its infancy and British styled ales dominated production. But Anthony had a different way of making beer. When he first began in Saint Paul, he aged his beer in caves, lagering them for four weeks before he released them to the public. The end result was a smoother, silkier and much more drinkable style of beer. 100% steam-brewed, just as it was over 100 years ago, Yoerg utilized a unique 'Steam Beer Yeast' strain that was originally developed in Bavaria back in the mid 1800s. Yoerg's Beer is a big, malty, roasty/toasty beer with a haunting dance of hops in the background. Produced from three barley malts at different toast levels and three different hoppings from Northern Brewer hops with a finishing dash of Celeia Hops for aromatics. It's a fragrant, powerful beer that may be the most serious lager to come out of the Midwest since, well, since Yoerg closed their doors in 1952."

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