Cave des Tilleuls Amigne 2012

Cave des Tilleuls Amigne 2012


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Name: Cave des Tilleuls Amigne
Country: Switzerland
Region: Valais
Sub-Region: Vetroz
Producer: Cave Du Vieux-Moulin
Size: 750ml
Vintage: 2012
Varietal: Amigne

From the Importers:
"An impressively powerful wine made most often rendered by the Cottagnouds in a Demi-sec manner, the typical notes of honey and nuts play nicely with a hint of sweetness from the fruit. A rich wine that is best consumed after a few years in the cellar. The Amigne grape is found almost exclusively in the village of Vétroz. Note the indicators of level of sweetness: the symbol of one honey bee indicates a dry version, two bees denote the demi-sec (8 to 25 grams of residual sugar) and three bees represent the ultimate in late harvest with levels of residual sugar in excess of 25 grams."

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