Black Elephant Nicholas Red 2014

Black Elephant Nicholas Red 2014


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Black Elephant Vintners
Nicholas Red
South Africa - Coastal Region

From the Winery:
"All our fruit is hand picked and chilled in our coldroom over night. The following day they are destemmed and transferred to 500kg fermentation bins or barrel for fermentation. We do not crush our berries and 15-25% wholebunches are added to each ferment. 30mg/l SO2 is added at this stage and no other chemical additions (acid,enzymes or tannins) made. The grape must is allowed to macerate for 3-4days before fermentation starts spontaneously. Fermentation lasts for 7-12days at a maximum of 28°C. To extract colour, flavour and tannin from the grape skins the must is mixed by hand 2-3 times daily according to extract and tannin development. A short post ferment maceration is allowed to soften and focus tannins. At this stage the wine is drained and the skins pressed using our old basket press and transferred directly to barrel for malolactic fermentation and maturation. After completion of malolactic fermentation the wine receives a racking to remove solids and a SO2 addition before being laid down for a 12month maturation period. At this stage the final blend is assembled and allowed to mature for a further 3months prior to bottling. The wine received a light egg white fining and filtration before bottling, decanting is recommended within the first 3-5 years."

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