Massican Annia White 2016

Massican Annia White 2016


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Name: Massican Annia White
Country: United States
Region: California
Sub-Region: Napa Valley
Producer: Massican
Size: 750ml
Vintage: 2016
Varietal: White Blend

From the Winery:
"this is only the second vintage of annia that ribolla gialla takes the lead in the blend, 2012 being the other. there is a story that george vare liked to tell us about ribolla, according to the late, great stanko radikon, ribolla is the consummate supporting actor when blended into a wine under the 50% threshold. at that minority level, the grape will truly morph into the background, providing the floors, the walls and the ceiling for the other grapes to adorn. in our 2016 annia, the 60% of ribolla in the wine is flattering; stone fruit and baked apple with green almond on the palate that plays off the tocai’s citrus blossom and pear skin. the 9% of hyde chardonnay in the blend tightens the wine a bit, but in reality it just steps aside and gives the two friulian varieties a stage to play on; however, expect the chardonnay to get involved as the wine ages.
grapes: ribolla gialla - 60%, tocai friulano - 31%, chardonnay - 9%."

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