Vegas Altas Cerro la Barca

Vegas Altas Cerro la Barca


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Vegas Altas Tempranillo Vino de la Tierra de Extremadura

From the Winery:
"The vineyard where this wine is harvested has special characteristics: soil is slaty and not very deep, a peculiarity that complicates the cultivation. For this reason we opted for a work of biodiversity, instead of tillage, through the sowing of legumes among the vinegrapes. In spring, just before sprouting, they are mowed and incorporated to the land producing an important contribution to the green cover. This is the only work done on the soil of this vineyard. This produces a balance that has enabled us to take years without the need to perform any treatment on the vineyard, achieving a stability in production, both in quantity and quality. Vintage is manual and nocturnal."

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