Von Siebenthal Carmenere Gran Reserva 2010

Von Siebenthal Carmenere Gran Reserva 2010


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Vina von Siebenthal Gran Reserva Carmenere
Aconcagua Valley

From the Winery:
"The Carmenere grape, a variety originally from Bordeaux, has survived miraculously for more than a century in Chile where for many years it was confused with Merlot.
In Aconcagua Valley it thrives and attains its maximum organoleptic expression benefitting from long autumn months with no rain or hail.
In Panquehue,15 years ago, we planted Carmenere on the granitic soil of the slopes of Orocoipo hill. Our Gran Reserva embodies a high degree of complexity and delicacy: it’s the wine that Bacchus would carry in his satchel..."

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