Jägermeister 750ml

Jägermeister 750ml


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750ml bottle


From the Distillery:
"Jägermeister ingredient number one: good old ginger root, whose full-flavored essential oils are behind much of the spiciness in the finished drink.
Jägermeister ingredient number two: cinnamon sticks, whose flavor is familiar to all from a range of sweet dishes, warm festive drinks, and as a topping for coffee specialities.
Jägermeister ingredient number 3: star anise, one of the four clearly identifiable flavors in both the aroma and the taste of Jägermeister.
Jägermeister ingredient number four: green cardamom, the queen of spices, with its delicate, aromatic sweetness and fresh, flowery flavor.
Jägermeister ingredient number five: orange peel. As unpromising as that may sound, there’s a lot more flavor in the peel than in the soft fruit flesh."

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