Duchesse de Bourgogne 750ml

Duchesse de Bourgogne 750ml


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750ml Bottle

Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Duchesse De Bourgogne

From the Brewery:
"Duchesse de Bourgogne is an ale of mixed fermentation. It is a sweet-fruity ale with a pleasant fresh aftertaste. This ale is brewed with roasted malts and with hops with a low bitterness. After the main fermentation and the lagering , the Duchesse de Bourgogne matures further for many months in oak casks. The tannins in the oak give the Duchesse de Bourgogne its fruity character. Duchesse de Bourgogne has a full, sweet and fresh taste : it is a ruby red jewel of 6.2 % alc. vol., that best is served in a chalice-shaped glass between 8 and 12°C. A perfect beer ."

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