NBB Tartastic Sour 6pk Bottles

NBB Tartastic Sour 6pk Bottles


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6 Pack of Bottles

New Belgium Brewing
Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour

From the Brewery:
"Tasting Notes:

Visual: Pale straw yellow color, translucent, heavy sheen with a stable and substantial white foam.

Aroma: Strong citrus (lemon and lime) and sulfurs, honey, white wine and ginger, light bread dough, grass, cereal and solvent.

Flavor: Strong sourness initially, turning moderately sweet; finishes with very light bitterness along moderate and equal intensities of sour and sweet.

Mouthfeel: Puckering mouthfeel that finishes with a very light astringency and moderate sour linger.

Body:Medium body."

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