Pendleton Whiskey 1L

Pendleton Whiskey 1L


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Tasting Notes from The Bourbon Intelligencer:

Nose: At 80 proof I am surprised at the phenolic introduction, even after the bottle is half gone and allowing time for it to sit at least 10-15 minutes. Smells young and green. New-make on the nose. Unripe lime, lemon, and sour Lemonhead candy. Lime slushy. Not as sweet as I was expecting on the nose.

Palate: The palate is much different than the nose with a creamy Werthers’ and honey arrival. I get a delicate mint and floral note with beach wood and leather expanding into light smoke. There is a hint of buttery rye on the finish. Undemanding, and polite.

Conclusion: This is a whisky which exceeds that of many Canadian whiskies produced. As John Hansel has said, most Canadian whiskies are too harsh when they are young, but they tend to get too woody when they are aged more than ten years. While the nose is somewhat off, as my wife says, “Smells like hairspray, taste like vanilla,” the age and drinkability allows Pendleton to break away from the mold.

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