Boulevard Love Child 750ml Bottle

Boulevard Love Child 750ml Bottle


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Boulevard Brewing Co.
Love Child

Love Child #5
Sensory Profile:
Aroma: Fruit-forward with hints of acidity and oak
Malt: Caramel, toffee
Hops: Bittering only; no hop characteristics present in aroma or flavor
Body: Light/medium

Love Child #6
Pouring a golden/bronze color, Love Child No. 6 opens with aromas of lemon, tart cherry and underripe strawberry with a touch of oak. Lactobacillus provides a crisp, refreshing acidity with fruit and oak notes presenting in the flavor of the beer. Ending fermentation quite dry at 1.6 Plato, Love Child No. 6 tapers to a subtle oaky finish that begs for another sip. At 9.2 ABV and 11 IBUs, our latest Love Child blend is a perfect match for aged/funky cheese, desserts with fruit and tangy/citrusy salads.

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