Bent Gunner Ghost Gin 750ml

Bent Gunner Ghost Gin 750ml


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Name: Bent Brewstillery 'Gunner Ghost' Navy-Strength Gin
Country: United States
Region: Minnesota
Producer: Bent Brewstillery
Size: 750ml
Spirit Type: Gin 

From the Distillery:
"Gunner Ghost breaks all the gin conventions. A modern mix of botanicals meshes with the traditional juniper berry to create a floral aroma with intense flavor that begins earthy and herbal with a citrus finish. Back in the day, Naval vessels carried booze in wooden barrels. If that barrel broke during battle, the booze could soak the gunpowder and render it unusable. But gunpowder soaked in 114 proof booze still lights. (Trust us; don’t try it yourself) Once this was determined, no booze under 114 proof was allowed on naval vessels."

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