Absente 110 Liqueur 750ml

Absente 110 Liqueur 750ml


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Name: Absente 110 Liqueur 750ml
Country: France
Producer: Absente
Size: 750ml
Spirit Style: Absente
Spirit Type: Liqueur

From the Importer:
"Absente is responsible for welcoming absinthe back into the United States after a nearly 100-year ban. The stuff of legends, Absente is handcrafted in the south of France with the highest quality artisanal ingredients - anise and star anise, peppermint and the notorious wormwood - and methods to create the 'green fairy.' Delightful in so many ways - mixed with water or the classic sugar and water mixture with a slotted spoon - and on so many occasions, Absente is romance, inspiration and magic wrapped into one green sip."

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