Clase Azul Anejo 750ml

Clase Azul Anejo 750ml


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Clase Azul Añejo “Edición Indígena Mazahua” (or Mazahua-Edition) is the fruit of two worlds that meet. It symbolizes the union of authentic Mexican indigenous roots (represented by the unfired clay) with European glazing techniques, result in a combination of history, art, and the highest quality tequila all making Clase Azul Añejo a truly exemplary expression.

The process:

Agave: the selection of ripened, organic agaves for at least nine years.

Cooking: the slow cooking of agave hearts in traditional ovens for 72 hours right after being harvested along with the elimination of bitter honeys.

Fermentation: stimulated by yeasts developed especially for Clase Azul.

Distillation: cautiously distilled to ensure maximum refinement and purity. Ample cut of foreshots and tails to obtain the lowest level possible of methanol.

Water: deep well water filtered through a special five-stage process.

Filtration: triple filtration ensuring excellent quality tequila.

Maturation: Clase Azul Añejo is aged for twenty-five months in barrels of the highest quality selected by our master distiller.

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