Broadbent Auction Reserve Port

Broadbent Auction Reserve Port


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Name: Broadbent Auction Reserve Port
Country: Portugal
Region: Duoro
Producer: Broadbent
Size: 750ml
Type: Dessert

From the Winery:


Douro DOP; VINEYARD: Quinta do Porto

The grapes are hand harvested and softly crushed after partial destemming. The wine was fermented in lagares and on the grape skins, allowing for their important flavor compounds to be extracted. This is done under temperature control so that the winemaker can keep an eye on the alcoholic fermentation to ensure that the addition of aguardiente (grape spirit) is added at just the right time. This addition of aguardiente halts the fermentation and is the key to creating Port wines sweetness.

Opaque and almost black in color. Big fruit aromas, deep, concentrated nose and big, rich concentrated palate with great depth and a long finish. This wine is not filtered and may throw a sediment after time in the bottle, which is delicious spread on toast the next morning. 

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