Elena London Dry Gin 750ml

Elena London Dry Gin 750ml


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Name: Elena London Dry Gin in Langa Style
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Producer: Elena Penna & Luca Currado Vietti
Size: 750mL
Spirit Type: Gin 

From the Distillery:
"Scott Ades, president of Dalla Terra Winery Direct®, is pleased to announce that the company is expanding its portfolio of celebrated family-owned Italian wineries to include a specialty Italian spirits division. The new division launches with Elena Gin, a London Dry Gin developed by Elena Penna Currado and Luca Currado Vietti of the iconic Piedmont-based Vietti winery. Elena Gin (SRP $35), made in the “Langa Style,” embodies the famous hills of the Langhe area of Barolo and is now available in the US market, with 3000 bottles initially imported exclusively by Dalla Terra.

Elena and Luca founded Elena Penna Spirits as a means of exploring their shared love of artisanal spirits and to honor the heritage of their respective families. Spirits have been made in Piedmont using traditional methods since the Middle Ages. For generations, both the Penna and Currado families made spirits alongside wine, and one special craft recipe has been revived by a master distiller to create Elena Gin. The resulting spirit is made with the same precision and attention to detail for which the Currados are known.

Elena Gin is a spirit of regional provenance and features native botanicals from the Italian Alps of Piedmont including juniper berries, almonds, Langhe thyme, coriander seeds, black elderflower, Angelica, wild mint, chamomile, cassia bark, and the peel and flowers of organically-grown citrus fruits from the Ligurian hills bordering Piedmont. Made in small batches, Elena Gin is produced using two heirloom wood-fired pot stills from the 18th century that were refurbished for production. Elena Gin is made in the “one shot” method, where the delicate botanicals are only used once to highlight the aromatic compounds at their finest. The native botanicals are gently infused in the pot stills, and then the gin is lightly filtered using natural paper, leaving the final liquid with a subtle yellow hue.

We are excited to enter the craft spirits business with the launch of Elena Gin from two of our most celebrated partners,” said Dalla Terra President and CEO Scott Ades. “From here we plan to explore and highlight additional small artisan spirits, vermouth, bitters and amari from Elena Penna Spirits and other Italian family producers, which will bring greater depth and nuance to Dalla Terra’s offerings in the US market.”

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