Varnelli Amaro Punch alla Fiamma Fantasia 1L

Varnelli Amaro Punch alla Fiamma Fantasia 1L


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Name: Distilleria Varnelli Amaro dell'Erborista
Country: Italy
Region: Marche
Producer: Distilleria Varnelli S.p.A.
Size: 1L
Spirit Style: Bitters 
Spirit Type: Liqueur

From the Producer:
"This fine liqueur has a base of a special Martinica rum selected by the Varnelli family. It is a refined expression of the Italian tradition of liqueurs to be drunk hot in the wintertime and which are named Punch. The attractive bright amber color provides a hint of eternal pleasures. It features scents of caramelized fruit and citrus zest in alcohol, accompanied by vanilla and roasted coffee. Aromatic flavors of coffee blended with caramel, roast hazelnuts, cocoa, raisins and smokiness persist in the mouth, giving a special richness to the taste. The addition of ice (or iced water) enhances it even further, creating predominantly bitter and smoky notes."

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