Wines for the January 14th Zoom Tasting

Wines for the January 14th Zoom Tasting


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Join us at 6:30 on Thursday, January 14th, for a tasting of wines from Antiquum Farms with owner Stephen Hagen. I had never heard of Stephen Hagen's wines until I tasted them a few months ago and was blown away by them. I immediately asked if he would join us for a tasting so that I could share them with you.

Here is what Stephen says about his winemaking: "Some folks tell me I am crazy. I grow wine differently. They say my methods are slow, difficult, and simply too much work. I say, life is work. It’s a gift to have work you love. Some do not see how the use of draft horses, grazing livestock and poultry in the vineyard, or infinite hours of meticulous hand labor can create a wine that is more unique, intense and full of life. I don’t understand how it couldn’t. I often say my wines are made cluster by cluster. Growing wine one cluster at a time is a mentality, and a different one at that. It means starting small and staying small. It means countless hours of work that can only be done by hand. Going slower. It means that many times a season I personally touch, inspect, admire and yes, love every single beautiful cluster. It means rigid culling without regard to my pocketbook. This attention to detail is inspired by love for my life’s work. I am not a landowner overseeing the operations of a vineyard. I am the operations and a part of Antiquum Farm."

Join us and you will experience why I was so moved by Stephen's wines.

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The tasting will include, tasted in this order:

2018 Daisy Pinot Gris, $22.99

Daisy is focused, precise, and all about refined texture, minerality, and crisp acidity. Vibrant citrus and floral components blend seamlessly with pomme fruit, lemon curd, pear, river stone, and metallic nuance. The wine rests on the lees in barrel for 8 months in 50/50 stainless/neutral French oak. The lees are gently stirred to build texture before finally allowing the wine to settle naturally.

Purchase the Daisy Pinot Gris here:

2018 Allium Pinot Gris, $42.99

Alium explores another depth of expression from their ever-changing Pinot Gris vineyard. Thirty days of skin-maceration roots Alium in an earthbound tone and bends Antiquum’s topicality towards something herbaceous and savory. A succulently layered texture adds density and intrigue.

Purchase the Allium Pinot Gris here:

2017 Juel Pinot Noir, $37.99

Power, Structure, and Finesse in perfect balance. Antiquum Farm is unusual in its ability to ripen lush fully mature deep dark fruit and yet retain abundant natural acidity. This interplay creates an exciting tension that is rare. This vineyard produces mouth loads of fine-grained fruit-driven tannin. Generous treatments of french oak never overwhelm the unique attributes of this site.

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And be sure to let us know if you'd like to host a tasting for a group of friends or business associates!

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