An "off the charts" value Pinot Noir

A few months ago, I was searching for an under $15 Pinot Noir that I would be proud to offer to our clients. I tried over 50 different options with no success and then I opened a bottle of the 2018 Bodan Roan Pinot Noir and was completely blown away by it. So much so that I poured it blind for two people whose opinions I respect and they both said the same thing - that it was a really excellent wine, probably New World, and that it should probably sell for around $40. When I told them we could offer it to our clients for $11.99, they were astonished.

It is medium-bodied plus with very soft tannins, ripe lush red fruit, and a voluptuous finish. It really is an astonishing Pinot Noir at this price - if you are old enough to remember what Meomi Pinot Noir tasted like when it was first released and was a such a delicious wine, this is a dead ringer for those early vintages.

It is the perfect crowd-pleasing red for your holiday gatherings.

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