Better Not Look Down

Shannon Ridge High Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon/Kiona Cabernet-Merlot 2013

Wine shops are almost universally set up the same way: cheap wine at the bottom, middle priced wines in the middle, and spendy wine at the top - and that means you miss a lot by not looking down because sometimes the sweetest spot for the best wines can only be found way down at the bottom. Here are some of the reasons why the wine might find it’s way to the bottom shelf even though it’s quality is purely top shelf.

Kiona Cabernet-Merlot 2013
There are times when it’s a matter of scale. A big and huge winery can moderate out their prices while still making great wine just because they operate on such large scales. Like this wine right here (Kiona Cab/Merlot). This wine is a direct off-shoot of the winery making too much great wine … sometimes they end up with a bit more “A” grade juice than they need and that wine gets shunted down line to their basic table wine. The end result is that both wines are made better - not diluting the top (making too much can dilute the ‘brand’) by adding to the bottom.
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Cabernet Sauvignon

Another way it happens is when the winery is in a place that just off the beaten path. These folks (shannon ridge … cab) pump out wines that, if they were a county over, would easily by two or three times more expensive. Add to mix the fact that they own and farm all their vineyards (the owner also owns one of the largest viticulture services in Cali … their vineyard here is also all organically grown) and the end resultant is that they, easily, make some of the best and least expensive wine around.

Both of these wines are worth more than what we charge - they really are - but both of them are relegated to the bottom shelf because of their price. So, look down once in a while. You might just find a perfect bottle of wine hiding out down there.

PS - We’ve moved! Sunfish Cellars took ownership of Buon Giorno and I Nonni last week and we’ve moved into our new home with them. We’ll be on hand Friday and Sarturday to show you around (maybe even share a little vino … see, we’re getting the hang of this Italian thing!) from 4pm to 7pm. Come and see the new digs!


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