German Riesling – The world's most misunderstood wine?

German Rieslings are a quandary. A lot of people think that they are all sweet but in truth they vary from totally dry to lusciously sweet. They are among the most versatile food wines in the world because of the perfect balance of fruit, acidity, and minerality. Serious wine experts often list German Rieslings as their favorite white wines because they are such a transparent reflection of their terroir.

If you'd like to find out what all the fuss is about, we have two very special wines to suggest. One is dry and the other is just slightly sweet. Both are extraordinary and terrific values.

Those long complicated words indicate a dry (Trocken) Riesling made by Dr. Ernst Loosen from old vines (Alte Reben) from one of the finest parcels (GG or Gross Gewachs) of the Treppchen Vineyard in the village of Erden.

This is rated 95 points by Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate with the comment: "a fascinating Riesling GG and by far the best dry Treppchen I have ever tasted. Riesling lovers should not miss it."

Those long complicated words indicate a Riesling made by Fritz Haag from slightly riper grapes (Spatlese) from the Juffer vineyard in the village of Brauneberg.

This is rated 95 points by Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate, with the comment: "a fabulous Spatlese from the Juffer".

Only twelve bottles available!

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