Why, Sometimes, You Buy Vintage Over Producer

Last week, I wrote about the old mantra of “producer trumps vintage” - that you put your trust in wine producers that you know and like even in poor or bad vintages … this week, we throw all of that advice to the wind because I’ve tasted the future and everything's coming up Nebbiolo. 
From what I’ve tasted so far the words 2016, Nebbiolo, and Piedmont are gonna be coming up a lot in the wine world soon and for good reason: the wines from Piedmont, at least the 2016 basic Nebbiolo and Rossos, have been stunning. Lithe and pure like none that I have ever tasted before. Not just light but also just packed with flavor and grace.
So far the two best that have come into the shop are the Marchesi di Gresy Langhe Nebbiolo (wine coming in Tuesday the 27th) and the Produttori di Barbaresco Nebbiolo (wine coming in the 21st). Both are pure wonders of wine … eminently drinkable and enjoyable but also both have a sense that something great is just over the horizon. The two wines cut way above their price and aren’t just ‘throw away’ wines that the winery used to enhance their more expensive bottling's. No, these are simply beautiful!
What they may do, other than be awesome to drink right now, is give a good window into what is coming down the line for the rest of the 2016 vintage from Barolo and Barbaresco. If these are the signs of what is to come then we are all in for a serious treat when the ‘better’ wines comes into play. 
Look for the coming 2016s from Piedmont but, while you wait, enjoy these two wines. They are something to behold and are priced perfectly to sock plenty away while you wait.
You can try the Marchesi wine this weekend too … for free at our weekend tastings in the Deli. We’ll have it open, along with 3 other wines, on Friday from 5-7pm and on Saturday from 1-3pm. The tasting is free and, like the Marchesi, is pretty dang cool. 

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