Wine Deal: Yorkville Cellars - Sauvignon Blanc & Hi-Rollr

Hi-Rollr Organic Red Wine Sauvignon Blanc Wine Deal Yorkville Cellars

Yorkville Cellars_Sauvignon Blanc_&_Hi-Rollr

Yorkville Cellars has been quietly doing the same thing year in and year out for the last 30 years … that is making absolute killer wines, cheaply, that are organically grown and super easy to drink. We’ve just landed two wines from them that are worthy of your attention.

Yorkville Cellars_Mendocino_California_2016_Sauvignon Blanc

Yorkville Cellars

Mendocino | California | 2016

Sauvignon Blanc

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File Under: Organic, Pounder, Crisp

California Sauvignon Blanc can be a hot mess of barely dry (meaning kinda sweet), overly tropical fruited, and way too grassy. This one isn’t. It’s bone dry, floral and lemon scented, and no grassy or herby flavors. It truly is a nod towards Bordeaux and looks less to it’s southern Cali friends. We’re always on the hunt for good Sauvignon Blancs and this one is the best wine we found for the the money from California. Maybe best of all this is 100% farmed organically and still comes in just shy of fifteen bucks on the shelf!


Yorkville Cellars_Hi-Rollr

Yorkville Cellars

Mendocino | California | 2015

Hi-Rollr Red

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File Under: Organic, Food Wine, Drinky

A Few years back the ‘red blend’ craze hit the wine world and there was a universal shrug of resignation by most wine folk: here we go again, another fad of sweet jammy wine, another race to the bottom for price. The whole thing has played itself out by now and we’re starting to see wines like this one pop back up into the wine gestalt. That is a red blend that is based on the urge to have a super easy to drink wine, goes with lots of different foods, and is just complex enough that you might need to drink a bottle a week to solve its intricacies. This wine fulfills those three goals and surpasses each one in turn. It’s all red fruited joy with easier tannins but it’s got some stuffing in the wine that makes each glass a new experience … and it’s cheap enough to want to come back to weekly and not feel that you’re blowing the bank on it. The addon for the HI-Rollr is that it’s also made from organically grown grapes. Like it’s Blanc twin, the HI-Rollr comes in just shy of fifteen bucks.

Oh yeah: a tid bit to impress your friends with your dazzling breadth of knowledge of ‘useful’ information. The name HI-Rollr doesn’t imply the standard gambling definition. Here it is Bootling for the hicks up in the Yorkville Highlands (where this wine is grown and made) who would come into Boonville on Saturday night and forget to unroll their trouser legs after crossing the numerous creeks and rivers on the way into town for the evening. The townies would poke fun at those people and call ‘em HI-Rollrs. There you go … another fact that you’re better for now knowing!

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