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Malvira Birbet Brachetto

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Description Name: Malvira Birbet Vino da Tavola RossoCountry: ItalyRegion: PiedmontProducer: Azienda Agricola MalviraSize: 750mlVintage: NVVarietal: Brachetto Wine Spectator Review: "Lightly sweet and fizzy,...
$22.99 $19.99
Bodini Malbec 2016

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Description Name: Bodini MalbecCountry: ArgentinaRegion: MendozaProducer: BodiniSize: 750mlVintage: 2016Varietal: Malbec Wine Advocate Review:"The 2016 Malbec is now sourced from vines...
$11.99 $10.99
Rombauer Chardonnay 2018

In stock: 22

Description Name: Rombauer Vineyards ChardonnayCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: North CoastProducer: Rombauer VineyardsSize: 750mlVintage: 2018Varietal: Chardonnay From the Winery:"Pale yellow with a green...
$41.99 $36.99
The Fableist #206 Zinfandel 2017

In stock: 14

Description Name: The Fableist #206 Zinfandel Country: Unted StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: Central CoastProducer: The FableistSize: 750mlVintage: 2017Varietal: Zinfandel
$19.99 $17.99
Juan Gil Silver Label Monastrell 2017

In stock: 20

Description Name: Bodegas Juan Gil 12 Meses Silver Label MonastrellCountry: SpainRegion: MurciaSub-Region: JumillaProducer: Bodegas Juan GilSize: 750mlVintage: 2017Varietal: Mourvedre  ...
$14.99 $12.99
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Zinfandel 2017

In stock: 18

Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation ZinfandelCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: Lake CountyProducer: Shannon RidgeSize: 750mlVintage: 2017Varietal: Zinfandel
$10.99 $9.99
Lolea No 2 Sparkling White Sangria

In stock: 21

  Description Name: Lolea No 2 White SangriaCountry: SpainProducer: Sangria LoleaSize: 750mlVintage: NVVaritel: Sangria From Lolea: "This Clarea...
$14.99 $12.99
Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs 2015

In stock: 30

Description Name: Schramsberg Blanc de BlancsCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: North CoastProducer: Schramsberg Vineyards & J. Davies EstateSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Chardonnay Wine Enthusiast:...
$32.99 $28.99
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection Chardonnay 2018

In stock: 38

Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation Collection ChardonnayCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: North CoastProducer: Shannon RidgeSize: 750mlVintage: 2018Varietal: Chardonnay From the Winery: "This...
$11.99 $9.99
Decoy Pinot Noir 2015

In stock: 29

 Description Name: Decoy Pinot NoirCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: Sonoma CountyProducer: Decoy WinesSize: 750mlVintage: 2015Varietal: Pinot Noir From the Winery: "Made from a...
$21.99 $17.99
Shannon Ridge High Elevation Sauvignon Blanc 2018

In stock: 5

Description Name: Shannon Ridge High Elevation Sauvignon BlancCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region: Lake CountyProducer: Shannon RidgeSize: 750mlVintage: 2018Varietal: Sauvignon...
$10.99 $9.99
La Crema Monterey Pinot Noir 2017

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Description Name: La Crema Monterey Pinot NoirCountry: United StatesRegion: CaliforniaSub-Region:  MontereyProducer: La Crema WinerySize: 750mlVintage: 2017Varietal: Pinot Noir Wine Enthusiast...
$17.99 $13.99