Cappelletti Vino Aperitivo 750ml

Cappelletti Vino Aperitivo 750ml


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Name: Cappelletti 'Il Specialino' Vino Aperitivo Americano Rosso
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Producer: Antica Erboristeria Dr. Cappelletti Sas
Size: 750ml
Spirit Type: Liqueur

From the Producer:
"A classy aperitif, for the English " il Specialino ", is an alcoholic bitter, an aromatised wine obtained from the infusion of bitter alpine herbs with an intense aroma and a ruby ​​red color. It is the ideal base for cocktails and thanks to its natural ingredients and its aromas of orange and well balanced bitter grassy notes, it has a lively and persistent taste that stimulates the senses. It is a secret recipe of the last century that sees the union of white wine carefully selected herbs and spices and let macerate in alcohol. During the maceration time the mixture is mixed daily by hand. After the natural sedimentation, the obtained liquid is filtered, bottled and labeled."

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