Patron Reposado Tequila 750ml

Patron Reposado Tequila 750ml


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Name: Patron Resposado Tequila
Country: Mexico
Producer: Tequila Patron 
Size: 750ml
Spirit Type: Tequila

From the Distillery:
"Patrón Reposado is a nice switch for current tequila drinkers who want a bit more complexity and smoothness of taste. Aged in oak barrels for over two months, it blends the fresh, clean taste of Patrón Silver with the oaky flavor of Patrón Añejo. The balance of fresh agave and oak wood with subtle fruit, citrus and honey notes makes it an excellent sipping tequila or for a premium cocktail. Like its other Patrón counterparts, each bottle of Patrón Reposado is unique, made from recycled glass and hand-numbered.

COLOR: Clear, bright, with light amber tint.

AROMA: Oak wood, light fresh agave and a hint of citrus.

TASTE: Smooth and sweet. Excellent balance of fresh agave and oak wood, with notes of fruit citrus and honey.

FINISH: Light floral and vanilla."

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